Windows XP Activator Tool With Product Key 2024 [32/64-Bit]

Software NameWindows XP Activator
Operating SystemWindows XP [All Editions]
Hard Disk12 MB
Processor2 GHz

Windows XP Activator Genuine Activation Key Generator 2024

Windows XP Activator Tool is a powerful and brilliant way to activate Windows XP on your computer with much simple procedure. It gives the product keys that are essential for the activation of the window on the computer. Along with this excellent registration act, the software gets the window with its original and top-class features. Windows XP is one of the most used and versatile programs designed by Microsoft Windows. Due to its attractive characteristics, everyone wants to install and activate it on their PC. Hence, this activator is the most beneficial and popular method that can be used to activate the windows without applying too much effort.

Our Windows XP Activator Geniune product keys work on 32-bit and 64-bit editions, including Home Edition, SP1, SP2, SP3, Pro, and Professional Edition. You can activate your favorite sort of windows that are more appealing for your system. Numerous people find it complex to install Windows XP on their computers because they do not have any experience activating it. Our activator is helpful for all users because it can activate the windows in a series of simple and fast steps. The tool guides you on even a single step while starting the windows.

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windows xp activator 2024
Windows XP Activator 2024

Guideline for the using:

  1. Get the software open and switch your Windows XP to safe mode.
  2. Reboot the system and press the f8 key for safe mode.
  3. After all of this, you should run the WPA Kill file.
  4. Then Press the ‘brows’ and then OK.
  5. Open the software again and look for Winlogon.exe.
  6. Wait for a few minutes.
  7. Your Windows XP will get activated.

Windows XP Professional Activator for SP2, SP3, & Pro Edition

When people activate Windows XP on the PC with the Windows XP Activation Key, they can easily enjoy Windows and all its features. But wait, where did you get these product keys for free? Our Windows XP Activator License Key Generator is the only solution that provides you with the latest product keys through which you can activate Windows XP offline (activation without internet and phone). Moreover, the software even runs Windows into the computer in case of crashes and other issues that can damage Windows’s performance. Besides this, the window gets slower sometimes due to a few reasons. So, this program uses its properties to speed up the window to routine.

With the help of Windows XP Professional Product Key Free, the user can make their computer windows beautiful and more attractive. After activating it through the activator, you can download all the necessary and valuable files and applications on Windows XP. Further, the activator is often faster in giving feedback on user actions. People can unlock Windows XP within a few minutes with its crucial features. This program also offers minor improvements to the window and its features.

Key Features

  • It is the best way to activate Windows XP without much effort.
  • The software is much easier and more reasonable to utilize.
  • You can get the product or license keys to activate the windows.
  • The users are served with all the features of the window xp after activation.
  • All people can make life easy by accessing all settings of Win XP through this program.
  • This program comes without any viruses or Trojan files.
  • It cannot create malicious files and Trojan files in the software.
  • The software is simple and easy to use, and everyone can use it.

With this, everyone should activate Windows XP on their computers because it has many benefits. First, it is a virus-free tool that does not create malicious files. After installing a window into the computer, you should activate it with Microsoft within 30 days. Otherwise, you can lose all the essential files and documents from the computer. Another harmful effect is the blackness of the desktop. Lastly, you will always see the ‘Activate the Window’ option on the bottom right corner of the desktop, which is a bit annoying. So, to prevent your computer from all those issues, download the Windows XP Professional Activator immediately. With it, users can simultaneously remove all such restrictions and enjoy Windows XP’s exclusive features.

Many people do not trust the window activation program because most of them do not work. But Windows XP Activator Pro Product Key for 32/64 bits OS is trustworthy and eligible for the Windows XP activation. It comes with license keys that beautifully activate the windows. Additionally, you can start the latest version of Windows XP, which comes with some mighty improvements. Because of all those features, you should also download the software if you are looking out for a Windows XP activator. It will be helpful for you and decorate the computer with all the features of Windows XP. Apart from this, get the latest Microsoft Office 365 Crack Download from here and organize your office work with advanced features.

Top Class Features

Sync Data

It activates Windows XP and syncs essential data such as documents, software, videos, and office files from the computer.

Stay Updated

With this trusted and genuine activator, users can get the latest version of Win XP with improved settings and some new features.


The Activator is suitable for activating Windows XP in English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and all other famous languages worldwide.

Windows XP and Its Activation By Using Windows XP Activator:

Windows XP is a well-known Microsoft product launched early in 2001, and still, in 2024, it is used by thousands of people. It is a premature version in which Microsoft provides numerous tools and handy features that simplify most tiresome office tasks. This edition of Windows can be used for free, and also there is a licensed version for premium usage. Although you can use the unlicensed version, you might miss out on most of the fantastic features that one can find in full licensed version.

We know that everyone wants to enjoy these privileges very well, and we are also aware that no one wants to buy a product key for activation. For that reason, the team of HassamPC takes the initiative to help such people, primarily those who can’t afford to pay for it.

For using Windows XP with all its latest updates, users are required to register within the period of 30 days of installation. Therefore, a genuine product key for Windows XP Profession 64-Bit is compulsory for that. Well, in our case, it must be a Windows XP Activator that we can use for Windows Activation within the trial duration. The download link for the 100% working activator is at the bottom of this article, scroll down and grab it. Use this activator to get a full activated Windows XP for free, and happily, there will be no expiry.

Benefits of using 100% Working Windows XP Activator:

Here the question arises why do you wish to use Windows XP even though there are advanced and better windows circulating all around the globe? The answer is straightforward i.e. those who love simplicity and don’t want to upgrade to the latest edition of Microsoft Windows (Windows 8, 10, & 11). We are offering Windows XP Activator for those who love to use Windows XP at its full potential. The fully activated Windows XP encloses so many features that no one can think of.

Available: EditPlus Registration Key

We describe the essential benefits of using activated Windows XP to make you aware of a few of them. Just read the following advantages;

  • With the help of our Activator, users can activate those Windows which are not activated. This might be due to several reasons, e.g. lack of product key, unregistered version, and more. But with this, you can effortlessly activate the unlicensed/unregistered Windows XP for free.
  • Another significant advantage is that it saves you the cost of purchasing a genuine license key or product key from Microsoft. Buying a valid product key can cost too much, but with our Windows XP Activator, you can activate it free without paying a penny.
  • We think lifetime activation of Windows XP is the most crucial benefit of using Windows XP Activator as it provides permanent access to additional features and tools.
  • Using an activator to register the unlicensed Windows is straightforward and can be done in a couple of moments.
  • The Windows XP Activator unlocks those features that remain disabled in the unregistered versions.
  • Once the activation is completed, you can get the latest updates and new features from Microsoft Corporation.
  • Also, our Windows XP Product Key Generator is harmless to use as it does not damage your computer or its performance.
  • After using this activator, you will be thankful to us as you will not see Windows Activation Reminders – a hurdle that diverts your focus during office work.

6 Different Methods to Activate Windows XP:

There are several methods by which users can activate Windows XP. These methods are;

  • Online activation via the Internet – click here to explore this method.
  • Using a mobile phone to activate – click here to explore this method.
  • Boot to Safe Mode – click here to explore this method.
  • Using Windows Key Finder – click here to explore this method.
  • Disable Windows Activation – click here to explore this method.
  • Activate without using a genuine product key – click here to explore or watch the video below.

How to Register?

  1. Connect the device to the internet connection.
  2. Download the file from the given link.
  3. Extract the file from the downloaded RAR file.
  4. Start the installation of the software and finish it.
  5. Then get the crack from the crack folder of the file.
  6. Get the activation keys from here and write them in the activation box.
  7. Then, click on the done button to complete the procedure.
  8. The software has been registered.
  9. Reboot the system and use the system freely.
  10. Enjoy it.

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Special Note:

We are constantly updated the following lists of products keys and activation keys on weekly basis. We do so to help users from every aspect, however, if none of the key work for you than you can download our free Windows XP Activator for 32-Bit & 64-Bit operating systems from the end of this page.

Product Key for Windows XP Professional 64-bit:

Windows XP 64-bitB2RBK-7KPT9-4JP6X-QQFWM-PJD6G
Windows XP Professional 64-bit Corporate EditionVCFQD-V9FX9-46WVH-K3CD4-4J3JM
Windows XP HomeV7BWD-G9YR6-9FG87-8Q2HV-YJGTG
Windows XP Pro (Spanish)FCKGW-RHQQ2-YXRKT-8TG6W-2B7Q8
Windows XP SP1 serial numberRHKG3-8YW4W-4RHJG-83M4Y-7X9GW
Windows XP Home editionVRWXX-QM4XW-J6R3P-8FK3W-V64FT
Windows XP Professional x64-editionM4676-2VW7F-6BCVH-9QPBF-QBRBM
Windows XP Professional SP2YY8F2-3CKVQ-RKTRG-6JMDR-9DTG6
Windows XP Home EditionG7BR9-8QV29-3QFHP-F84WG-X9PYQ

You can also get the updated Windows XP Product Keys List 2024 from here. Click here to download it. Other than this, you might also give a try to the following keys.

Windows XP Professional Product Key Free:

Windows XP Activator 2024 With Free Product Key Generator

Click the download link to get trusted and testified Windows XP Activator for free lifetime activation of Microsoft Windows XP.

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